Dinstar MTG2000 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway


MTG2000 is a carrier-grade dynamic Digital VoIP gateway, scalable from 4 and 20 ports E1/T1. It offers carrier-grade VoIP and FoIP services, as well as value-added functions such as modem and voice recognition. With highly maintainable, manageable and operable elements, it offers a flexible, high-efficient, future-oriented communication network for users. MTG2000 enables a wide range of signaling protocols, realizing the interconnection between SIP and traditional signals like ISDN PRI / SS7, utilizing the efficiency of trunking resources while ensuring voice quality. With various voice codes, secure signal encryption, and clever voice recognition technology, MTG2000 is ideal for different applications of great enterprises, call centers, services providers, also telecom operators.


  • 4 to 20 ports E1/T1 in 1U chassis1
  • Up to 600 simultaneous calls
  • Redundancy Dual MCU unit
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Flexible routing
  • Multiple SIP trunks
  • Fully compatible with mainstream VoIP platforms

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Dinstar MTG2000 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway