Industries where GSM Gateway can be used ?

gsm gateway industries

As we know that the phone calls play the most important role in any industry as 90% of deals take place over phone calls. One should evaluate the cost of GSM over SIP trunk / PRI / FXO because GSM Gateway can save a lot on monthly billing as GSM Gateways use GSM Sim cards to receive incoming calls and to make outgoing calls. Free Messages can be sent to clients via GSM Gateways. Now a days taking and maintaining a SIM Card is too easy than a Landline. We can use sim cards from multiple providers as a GSM Gateway comes in 4/8/16/32 ports along with SIM Banks where up to 128 sims can be inserted. GSM Gateways are provided with a feature where user can set the SBC tower for more healthy network signals. GSM Gateways can be connected to EPABX / IPPBX / Call Center Dialers. Industries Like Call Centers, BPO, KPO, Institutional organization, Political Campaigns, Share Broking Agencies, Recovery Agencies, IT Services, Insurance Sector etcetera uses call Center Dialers and GSM Gateways to target their customer as humans intend to answer more calls from a mobile number than a landline number no matter if it is from a PRI / FXO or a SIP trunk hence it gives you more return on your investment as the answer seizure ratio (ASR) is very high.



Call Centers
Institutional organization
Political Campaigns,
Share Broking Agencies
Recovery Agencies
IT Services
Goverment Sector
Bank Sector