Openvox PRI Gateway

An open-source Asterisk-based VoIP Gateway for operators and call centers is called OpenVox PRI VoIP Gateway. It is a portal for integrated media. This type of gateway connects traditional phone systems to IP networks and smoothly incorporates VoIP PBX and ISDN. The T1/E1 Gateway helps 1/2/4 software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interface manage up to 120 continuous calls.

The primary benefit of using PRI Gateway is its ability to greatly lower the expenses associated with using numerous trunk lines. Indeed, it provides a welcome break for businesses hoping to reduce their communication expenses. Minimizing maintenance costs can also be achieved using a trunk/PRI gateway. This explains why a large number of businesses support utilizing these channels for communication as a means of achieving success! Additionally, you can use PRI gateway together with Intelligent Multiple Trunk Forwarding Technology to your advantage. Additionally, you can observe how these gateways make it simpler to transfer between several trunks. As a result, your communication method will function with captivating quality.

So, how can you link your phone system to efficient IP networks? Vega VoIP digital gateways are the solution, therefore. Furthermore, this is the context in which GSMGateway.in is useful. We provide these VoIP gateways to you at reasonable costs without sacrificing quality.

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OpenVox DGW-L20X Series E1T1PRI VoIP Gateway OpenVox ET200X
OpenVox DGW-100X(R) Series E1T1PRI VoIP Gateway OpenVox DGW-L1 Series E1T1PRI VoIP Gateway