OpenVox SWG-2016 G/C/L Series Wireless Gateway


OpenVox SWG2016/32-4S is a Multi-SIM model of the SWG series wireless gateways, The equipment carries about centralized management and modifies a greater number of sim cards, include SWG2016/32-4S G/L. The equipment can achieve the centralized management and changing adjustment of a greater number of sim cards which are up to 128. The new SWG2016/32-4S series gateways carry GSM and LTE version Products, look over the range out below!


  • Combine Different SIP/IAX2 Trunk into Group
  • CLID Display & Hide (Need operators' support )
  • Random call interval
  • Call Duration Limitation
  • Single Call Duration Limitation
  • Real Open API Protocol (based on Asterisk)
  • Support DISA
  • PIN Identification
  • Optional Voice Code
  • Ports Group Management
  • SMS Bulk Transceiver, Sent to Email and Automatically Resend
  • SMS Coding/Detecting Automatically Identification
  • SMS Remotely Controlling Gateway
  • SMS Forwarding and Quick Reply
  • USSD transceiver Outbound
  • Automatically Reboot
  • Support MMP
  • Support for custom scripts, dial plans
  • Support Openvox cloud manage