Synway SBO500 Transcoding Gateway


As IP connections become increasingly ubiquitous, the requirement for transcoding between multiple protocols and coding formats becomes more critical. Large-capacity VoIP applications necessitate high- efficiency transcoding. In most cases, dedicated hardware-enabledtranscoding equipment, rather than software-based transcoding equipment, would be the ideal choice for a high-demand VoIP carrier. Synway's hardware-based SBO transcoding gateway could assist VoIP operators achieve multiple transcoding on IMS or PSTN networks to overcome the transcoding issue. Based on POWERPC+DSP hardware infrastructure, SBO uses a 1U standard design with a built-in LINUX OS. Dual Ethernet interfaces are supported by each chassis. SBO serves as the ideal communication point between IP networks and any IP devices, with features such as transcoding, routing, number filtering, number transformation, and more.


  • Support Complete DSP-enabled Transcoding Range
  • Highly Efficient Coding & Decoding IP/TDM Network
  • Support 500-Port of Transcoding Capability per Unit


  • Lightning resistance Level 4


  • 3-Year warranty (First year: replace for free; second and third years: repair for free)

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Synway SBO500 Transcoding Gateway

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