VOIP Phone System

Advantage of VoIP Phone System for Business Service

What's an IP Phone?

An IP phone uses the internet to make phone calls. An IP phone uses the internet to connect to the internet. Because they are cost-effective, IP phones are popular in businesses. You can connect to IP phones to make conference calls and connect to other IP phones within the office.

How VoIP Phone Systems Works

An IP phone refers to a telephone that uses Internet Protocol to exchange voice or video traffic. VoIP phone systems convert the voice signal into digital signals that can be transmitted over Internet. The receiving party's VoIP phone then converts the digital signal back into a voice message. VoIP phone systems have many advantages over traditional landline systems. They are cheaper and can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection.

IP Phones: The Advantages

Business communications are rapidly changing and IP phones are growing in popularity. These are the benefits of using IP phones for your business communications:

  • Cost savings :-
    • Many IP phones are cheaper to install and maintain that traditional phone systems

  • Increased mobility and flexibility :-
    • Employees can transfer calls easily between their desk phone or mobile phone, and even use their laptop to make calls while they are away from work

  • Increased productivity :-
    • IP phones offer features such as conference calling, voicemail to email and caller ID, which can make employees more productive

  • Improved customer service :-
    • IP phones can provide better customer service with features such as call waiting and caller ID

What are the types of VoIP phones?

  • VoIP phones for desktop
    • This is your basic business-class VoIP phone. This phone connects via Ethernet to your VoIP service provider or VoIP phone system and has all the basic features that you would expect from a phone

  • USB Phones
    • The USB jack allows a USB phone to connect directly to your computer. A USB phone can be used in conjunction with softphone applications such as Skype

  • Wireless IP Phones
    • An IP phone that is wirelessly connected to an access point, base station or Wi-Fi network is called a wireless IP phone. You can use this phone to roam freely in your home or office while you are on a call. You can even make and receive calls from a hot spot!

  • Softphones
    • Softphones are software applications that can be installed on your laptop or desktop computer to allow you to make phone calls from your computer. Softphones are great tools for mobile workers, call center staff, and other professionals

  • Video Phones
    • Videophones are IP phones that can capture video with a small camera attached to them. Videophones can be used as a substitute for face to face meetings, making them an inexpensive way to stay in touch with someone and seeing them from any part of the world

  • Conference phones
    • The purpose of IP conference phones is the same as analog counterparts. IP conference phones are often used in large offices or conference rooms where multiparty calls are made

VOIP Phone System

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