Digital VoIP Gateway

The MTG series of E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateway connect VoIP and legacy PSTN networks (legacy PBX or E1/T1 service providers) in a seamless manner, with scalability up to 63 E1 or T1 lines.The MTG series can handle the diverse VoIP needs of SMEs, large organisations, service providers, carriers, and call centres by supporting ISDN PRI, SS7, and R2 MFC signalling, as well as numerous voice codecs and the SIP protocol.

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Dinstar MTG200 Cost-effective VoIP Trunk Gateway Dinstar MTG1000 Low Density E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateway
Dinstar MTG2000 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway Dinstar MTG2000B High Availability Digital VoIP Gateway
Dinstar MTG3000 High Density Digital VoIP Gateway Dinstar MTG3000T High Density Trancoding Gateway