Synway E1/T1 ISDN PRI/SS7 Gateway


The Synway SMG2000/3000 E1/T1 gateway helps organizations, service providers, and carriers to optimize the value of their networks and services by providing a more effective way to interconnect and deliver large-scalability services. To facilitate the seamless delivery of services, the SMG2000/3000 transforms digital PSTN messages into IPformats and connects and secures sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries. In a tiny 1U form factor appliance, it connects IP and hybrid networks via telephony and E1(T1 or STM-1)/Ethernet lines, and transforms media and signaling to allow efficient and reliable voice, fax, and multimedia sessions for mobile, fixed, and cloud-based applications. When compared to less integrated options, the convergence of IP multimedia and TDM gateway functions in a single chassis delivers significant investment and operational cost savings. The enterprise-oriented SMG2030L/2060L, with its small size for greater space and shipment efficiency, is unrivaled cost-effective, and compliant with PRI ISDN, R2, and SS7 packets, thanks to dedicated DSP chipsets for processing IP/TDM signals and improving voice quality. It provides a fantastic alternative solution for corporations, operators, and system integrators, with exceptional reliability and unmatched pricing when compared to competing goods.


  • Compact 1U form factor for 1/2/4/8/16/64 E1/T1 Ports
  • Compliant with SS7/SS1/ISDN/MF R2 Globally
  • Best Cost for SMB, and Telco Reliability For Carrier
  • Telecom Resilience and Voice Quality
  • Scalable density and versatility, available for 480 simultaneous IP sessions
  • Excellent SS7 reliability, and seamless compatibility with carrier-grade platforms
  • Scalable IP and TDM connectivity
  • Interoperable with multiple vendor devices and protocol implementations
  • Compatible, one-stop VoIP solutions for SP providers
  • Telco-grade redundancy(Dual power system)
  • Comprehensive security and reliability
  • Superior Voice Quality
  • Reliability/Warranty
  • Estimated MTBF per Telcordia Method 1: With Dual Redundant AC or DC Power Supplies
  • Rear I/O Type 1 — T1/E1
  • NO PSTN Interface:150000 hours
  • 1-Year warranty

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Synway E1/T1 ISDN PRI/SS7 Gateway

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