Synway SMG2000S Series E1/T1 Gateway

Synway SMG2000S Series E1/T1 Gateway
Synway SMG2000S Series E1/T1 Gateway
Synway SMG2000S Series E1/T1 Gateway
Synway SMG2000S Series E1/T1 Gateway


Synway has launched a new enterprise-oriented SMG2000S series based on Telco's state-of-the-art SMG2000 series VoIP gateway. The SMG2000S has the same hardware design as the Telco-grade SMG2000, with dedicated DSP chipsets that process IP/TDM signaling and optimize voice quality. It provides a fantastic alternative option for corporations and system integrators, with exceptional reliability and unparalleled cost- efficiency compared to competing goods. The SMG2000S uses long-established, field-proven voice processing technologies, which are based on constantly optimised algorithms of dedicated chipsets in a variety of networks. In harsh environments, it may be able to provide great audio quality despite minimal bandwidth. In cases where bandwidth is limited and switching density is high, enterprise users will be able to communicate smoothly and efficiently. The Synway SMG2000S series is a new member of Synway's gateway family that helps service providers and companies to optimise the value of their networks and services by providing a more efficient way to interface and deliver cost-effective services. To ensure smooth service delivery, the SMG2000S transforms digital PSTN messages into IP formats and connects and secures sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries.


  • Compact 1U form factor for 1/2/4 E1(T1)
  • Telco-Grade Reliability for Enterprises
  • Unparalleled Cost for Enterprise or SPs
  • Robust HW/DSP Processing media/Signaling
  • Coder support: G.711A,G.711U, G.729 A/B,G723,G722, GSM, iLBC, RFC 2833,RF 3261,SIPINFO,INBOUND
  • Compliant with TCP/UDP, HTTP, ARP/RARP, DNS, NTP, TFTP, TELNET, STUN and more IP protocols
  • Echo cancellation: G.168 128 ms tail length
  • Voice activity detection and packet loss concealment
  • Comfort noise generation
  • T.38 real-time fax, T.38 – G.711 interworking
  • Digit transmission via RFC 2833 (SIP)
  • Hosted NAT
  • Estimated MTBF per Telcordia Method 1: With Dual Redundant AC or DC Power Supplies
  • Rear I/O Type 1 — T1/E1
  • NO PSTN Interface: 150,000 hours

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