OpenVox SWG-M20X G/W/L Series Wireless Gateway


OpenVox SWG-M20X series wireless gateways take in SWG-M202G/W/L and SWG- M204G/W/L.SWG-M20X series wireless gateway hand different codecs, t ake in G.711U, G.711A, GSM, G.722, G.726, G.729 multiple coding. its products support SMS messages dispatch, receiving, everyone sending, and SMS to E-mail. The SWG-M20X series gateways are better compatible for Asterisk, 3CX, FreePBX, FreeSWITCH SIP server, and VOS VoIP system platforms.


  • Combine Different SIP/IAX2 Trunk into Group
  • CLID Display & Hide (Need operators' support )
  • Random call interval
  • Call Duration Limitation
  • Single Call Duration Limitation
  • Real Open API Protocol (based on Asterisk)
  • Support DISA
  • PIN Identification
  • Optional Voice Codec
  • Ports Group Management
  • SMS Remotely Controlling Gateway
  • SMS Bulk Transceiver, Sent to Email and Automatically Resend
  • SMS Coding/Detecting Automatically Identification
  • SMS Forwarding and Quick Reply

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OpenVox SWG-M20X G/W/L Series Wireless Gateway